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New York Military Academy has a long history of encouraging the creativity of its students.  Beginning in 1903, cadets at the academy began publishing a student newspaper, and those paper volumes now represent nearly 100 years of school provenance, first-hand accounts of our history from hundreds of young men and women who were moved to think and write and pass their ideas along to their peers, parents, faculty and staff.

Today, the Corps of Cadets at New York Military Academy moves its student publication from its original medium to the wonderful new world of the Internet, where it can publish works its predecessors could never have dreamed would be possible —  original audio recordings, videos, and digital showcases, in addition to the traditional forms we still cherish, creative writing, visual arts, and photography — for an audience the magnitude of which they couldn’t have imagined.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating The Ramble online, our proud contribution to the history of New York Military Academy as it rises to the creative challenge of the 21st century!


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